Question: How Old Was Darth Vader?

How long did Darth Vader rule?

Nineteen years after his battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader remained the Empire’s tyrannical hand..

How old is KYLO Ren?

CharacterBirthdateKylo Ren (Ben Solo)529Lando Calrissian-3165Leia Organa (Princess/General Leia)-19†53Luke Skywalker-19†5338 more rows

Why did Vader never kill Palpatine?

His mechanical body parts along with his life support system could be easily destroyed/damaged by Force Lightning, an ability Vader was not able to learn/use because of this disadvantage. Palpatine probably gave him this flaw so that he wouldn’t be overthrown.

Why did Palpatine tell Anakin killed Padme?

Originally Answered: Why did Palpatine tell Darth Vader that Padme was dead? She was dead. He wanted Anakin to suffer and feel guilt that would help keep him on the Dark Side.

Why did Palpatine keep Vader alive?

The reason Palpatine saved Darth Vader after he suffered critical injuries in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith has something to do with Darth Maul. … But when Darth Vader was crippled on Mustafar, the Emperor sped to his side and exerted surprising effort to keep him alive.

How much older is Padme than Anakin?

1 Answer. In ‘The Phantom Menace’ (set in 32 BBY) Anakin is aged 9 and Padmé is 14. He turns ten during the film. By the time of their (sexual) relationship in Attack of the Clones, (set ten years later, set in 22 BBY) he was 19 and she was 24 so the age-difference was just 5 years.

How did Palpatine die?

Palpatine is killed by a blaster shot fired by Han, but his spirit is captured by the mortally wounded Jedi Empatojayos Brand. When Brand dies, he takes Palpatine’s spirit with him into the netherworld of the Force, destroying the Sith Lord once and for all.

How old is Anakin when he becomes Vader?

22Born in 41 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin), Anakin is only 22 when he becomes Darth Vader in 19 BBY and dooms himself to a life of pain and suffering. (He was 19 at the start of the Clone Wars, which kicked off in 22 BBY.)

What year was Darth Vader born?

41 BBYYet despite his actions as Darth Vader, a glimmer of the light side of the Force remained within the former Anakin Skywalker. Skywalker was born in the year 41 BBY before moving to the Outer Rim planet Tatooine during the Age of the Republic.

Who is Darth Vader son?

Luke SkywalkerPrincess LeiaDarth Vader/Children

Did Darth Sidious kill Padme?

Yes, but even though Palpatine was with Anakin (Darth Vader) & both Anakin & Padme were on 2 different planets in order to save Anakin (Darth Vader) he had to kill Padme. … Although he is the reason for her death, that death isn’t in his hands.

How old was Darth Vader when he died?

45 yearsAfter that only one more year passes until Epidode Six putting Luke at 23 and Vader at 45 years when he died.

Who is the most powerful Jedi?

Yoda. The delightful and powerful Yoda takes the top spot here! Veteran actor and puppeteer Frank Oz breathed passionate life into the 900-year old Jedi, who rarely faltered as a master and top member of the council.

Why did Vader kill Padme?

Simple answer: Anakin did not intend to kill Padme. He forced-choked Padme because of his anger at what he perceived to be a collusion between her and Obi-wan to assassinate him.

What kills Darth Vader?

During the battle, Anakin, who had been known as the Sith Lord Darth Vader, was redeemed by Luke and brought balance to the Force. However, the redemption cost Anakin his life, having been mortally wounded by the Emperor, Darth Sidious, while killing his former Master.