Question: What Is Shaw Blue Curve Total?

Is Netflix free on Shaw?

Netflix offers unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes — including high-definition video, something that Shaw does not yet offer — for $7.99 a month..

Does Shaw Blue Curve include Netflix?

Shaw Internet service is required because Netflix content is streamed to BlueCurve TV over the Internet, and Netflix usage will count toward your monthly Internet usage.

How Fast Is Shaw Blue Curve?

28 Shaw BlueCurve Gateway includes an 8×8 antenna configuration supporting a maximum theoretical throughput of 8.6Gbps compared to Telus Boost Wi-Fi which includes a 4×4 antenna configuration capable of a maximum theoretical throughput of 1.7Gbps.

What is Shaw Blue Curve?

Overview. BlueCurve Home is a digital dashboard to manage your home WiFi network and connected home. You can self-install and set up your WiFi environment in minutes, find your WiFi password, know who’s online, and troubleshoot issues.

Is Shaw Blue Curve free?

With the BlueCurve TV App, you can watch live sports, on-demand shows, movies, and much more on the go on multiple devices. It’s an entirely new way of experiencing TV and it’s available free to all Shaw TV customers.

Who is better Telus or Shaw?

Shaw: Higher available speeds, at least 1 period a month where the internet down for hours, the non-stop plan rate increases (it felt at least twice a year), and less than helpful tech support after a long hold. Telus: Lower speeds but much more reliable.

Does Shaw Blue Curve have Netflix?

To open Netflix from the BlueCurve TV Apps menu: Press the Shaw button on your BlueCurve TV remote. Select Apps. Select Netflix from the Entertainment section.

Does Shaw have a seniors discount?

This promotion is open to Senior Citizens (Age 55 and above) and the hearing impaired patrons. This promotion is valid from Mondays to Fridays, for movies screened before 6pm at all Shaw Theatres.

How do I download from Shaw Blue Curve?

Download On Demand titles Open the BlueCurve TV App while connected to any WiFi or mobile network. Click the Menu button, or swipe from left to right to open the main navigation panel. Under Browse, click the On Demand content you wish to view (i.e., Movies, Sports, Kids). Available On Demand titles are shown.

How do I get a better deal from Shaw?

How can I get a better deal from Shaw?Go through your TV package, see what your household actually watches. Make a list of that. This will help you understand what you want in a TV package, if anything.Check out the new customer promos on competitors in the area. See what Telus will give you, and make sure that the TV actually includes what you want.

What can Shaw Blue Curve do?

With the Shaw BlueCurve Home app, customers can: Pause Wi-Fi access on any or all devices connected to the home network. … Easily view and change their modem’s Wi-Fi password. Set parental controls to manage content, balance online time with dinner time, together time and bedtime schedules.

How do I activate my Shaw Blue Curve?

Already have a BlueCurve Gateway?Connect and activate your BlueCurve Gateway.Complete the setup, and ensure your WiFi is working.Connect your Wireless 4K BlueCurve TV Player.It will automatically activate within 15 minutes.Follow the prompts on your TV screen.Your setup is complete.

Does Shaw own xplornet?

Xplornet is high-speed Internet – for all of Canada. Shaw Communications Inc. Shaw Communications Inc. Xplornet Communications Inc.