Quick Answer: What Disease Does Sophie Ndaba Have?

How did Sophie Ndaba lose weight?

iHarare has noted that Sophie has battled with diabetes for over 10 years, which led to her losing weight.

“I am human, of course it affected me.

It affected me because I didn’t see it coming..

Is Sophie Ndaba still married?

Sophie Ndaba, the veteran actress who played Queen Moroka in Generations for over 2 decades was married three times. She was married to Themba Ndaba. They were married for close to 10 years, from 1998 up to 2007.

What is wrong with Sophie Lichaba?

She suffers from diabetes. With her former husband, Themba Ndaba, she has two children, Rudo and Lwandle. She adopted her niece, Shallon Ndaba, following the death of her sister, Tiny Mphasane. She married Max Lichaba in 2017.

Who is Sophie Ndaba’s husband?

Keith Harringtonm. 2011–2013Themba Ndabam. 1998–2007Sophie Ndaba/Husband

When did Sophie Ndaba get married?

December 20, 2011 (Keith Harrington)1998 (Themba Ndaba)Sophie Ndaba/Wedding dates

Why did Sophie Love Island kill herself?

Death. Gradon was found dead on 20 June 2018 at the age of 32. A spokesperson for the Northumbria Police reported that there did not appear to be suspicious circumstances and a cause of death was not initially revealed. Officials later stated the cause of death was likely suicide; Gradon had hanged herself.

Is Sophie Ndaba ill?

Veteran actress Sophie Ndaba is grateful to be alive, this after a recent visit to the hospital due to high sugar levels. The star has been open about her struggles with diabetes, which has led to weight loss and many unfounded death rumours on social media.

Where did Sophie Ndaba come from?

Soweto, South AfricaSophie Ndaba/Place of birth

Is Sophie alive?

Deceased (1985–2018)Sophie Gradon/Living or Deceased

When was Sophie Ndaba was born?

1972 (age 48 years)Sophie Ndaba/Date of birthBorn on July 15th, 1972, in Soweto, the 47-year-old Sophy Ndaba rose to fame through her 20-year role as Queen Moroka in the popular soap opera known as Generations.

How did Sophie kill herself?

He concluded: “Sophie Hannah Gradon, having consumed alcohol and cocaine, took her own life by hanging.” Gradon’s boyfriend, Aaron Armstrong, was found dead 20 days after she killed herself, also after having taken cocaine and alcohol, and the coroner made a similar ruling at his inquest last month.

What killed Sophie gradon?

June 20, 2018Sophie Gradon/Date of death