What Is The 3 Letter Abbreviation For Canada?

What is the abbreviation for Canada?

“CA” is used for the national internet domain and as the abbreviation for the country in most database programs.

“CDN” is used as Canada’s code for automobiles – if a Canadian vehicle is driven in Europe temporarily, it needs a “CDN” sticker to show the license plate is Canadian..

What is the three letter abbreviation for Austria?

ISO Alpha-2, Alpha-3, and Numeric Country Codes.AArubaAWABWAustraliaAUAUSAustriaATAUTAzerbaijanAZAZE128 more rows

Which country code is 999?

Kazakhstan continues to share +7 with Russia for the time being; there are no known plans for another country code assignment for Kazakhstan at this update, although +990, +997 and +999 are likely candidates for such an assignment….+30+375GreeceBelarus+31+376NetherlandsAndorra18 more columns

Which country is +91?

IndiaThe India country code 91 will allow you to call India from another country. India telephone code 91 is dialed after the IDD. India international dialing 91 is followed by an area code.

What country has 3 A?

Antigua and Barbuda Okay, you know there is more than one country with three A’s in its name, but do you know all the countries of the world?

What are the 3 letter countries?

Philippines.Ethiopia.Iran.Democratic Republic of the Congo.Thailand.

What country has the shortest name?

Which Country Has the Shortest Name?RankCountryNumber of Letters1Chad42Cuba43Fiji44Iran46 more rows•Nov 27, 2018

Does can stand for Canada?

While the 2-letter system is widely accepted internationally, you also see the 3-letter country abbreviation codes, like CAN for Canada, used by computers and world organizations. Find all the different 2-letter and 3-letter country codes organized by continent.

What is the 2 letter country code for Canada?

Country Codes Alpha-2 & Alpha-3CountryAlpha-2 codeNumericCabo VerdeCV132CambodiaKH116CameroonCM120CanadaCA124119 more rows

Which country has +2 code?

2 – Africa and some others like Greenland, Faroe Islands and Aruba. 3 – Europe. 4 – Europe. 5 – South America.

What country has 4 letters in its name?

Other countries that have a four letter name are: Chad, Fiji, Iran, Laos, Mali, Niue, Oman, and Togo. Asia has the majority (four) of these nations, while Africa has three.

What is a 3 letter country code?

ISO 3166-1 alpha-3. ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 codes are three-letter country codes defined in ISO 3166-1, part of the ISO 3166 standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), to represent countries, dependent territories, and special areas of geographical interest.

Is can the abbreviation for Canada?

“CA” is used for the national internet domain and as the abbreviation for the country in most database programs. … “CAD” is the symbol for the currency, the Canadian Dollar. “CAN” is usually used on scoreboards in international sporting competitions.

What does NS stand for in Canada?

Nova ScotiaNS – Postal abbreviation for Nova Scotia. N.S. – English abbreviation for Nova Scotia. N.

Which country has +35 code?

Ireland countryThe Ireland country code 353 will allow you to call Ireland from another country. Ireland telephone code 353 is dialed after the IDD. Ireland international dialing 353 is followed by an area code.