Whats Up Or What’S Up?

What’s up another way to say?

What is another word for what’s up?hellogreetingshalloholasalutationsshalomsupyohowdy-dohowzit19 more rows.

How do you respond to what’s up from a guy?

You can respond with any kind of greeting from a formal, “Hello”, a non-committal, “Hey”, and so on. You can also tell them what you are currently doing. If you feel uncomfortable doing that, say “nothing much, you?”

When to say what’s up?

What’s up is an informal greeting (“Hey, buddy, what’s up?”), idiomatic phrase, or an inquiry about a current or recent state of affairs (“You seem sad.

What can I use instead of how are you?

Originally Answered: What can I say instead of “How are you?” ? You can smile warmly. A pleasant smile is worth far more than three words. If it’s not a face-to-face greeting (where “How are you?” is fine), other options could be used….How are you doing?How’s it going?How are things?What’s up ?And so on.

Are you flirting with me reply?

Start with anything casual then ask her, “Tell me more about that” then ask “Tell me even more about that.” But remember, everything that you ask to her, about half the time they will ask you the same thing, so make sure you have a great answer and deliver it with confidence or it is game over for you!

What up or whats up?

Phrase. what’s up? (idiomatic, colloquial) What are you doing?; what is happening? Synonyms: what’s happening, what’s new, what’s the haps. Hey, what’s up?

What’s up means in chat?

“What’s up” means something along the lines of “What’s going on,” “What is taking place,” or “How are you.” It’s just a casual greeting from one person to another.

Whats up meaning and answer?

As a greeting: “What’s up?” or here (West Midlands of England) commonly just “sup” is a general greeting, you can response with answers like “Not much”, “Nothing”, “Alright” etc. In this context, the response is just a return of the greeting, or a confirmation that all is going normally.

What to say when a girl says what’s up?

Don’t be fooled by the punctuation. Like “How are you?”, “What’s up?” isn’t a real question. It’s rhetorical, a rote greeting. As Lillian Queen already pointed out, the traditional answer is “Not much, what’s up with you?”, just like it’s traditional to respond, “Fine, how are you?” when someone asks how you are.

What is the best reply for whats up?

As a greeting: “What’s up?” or here (West Midlands of England) commonly just “sup” is a general greeting, you can response with answers like “Not much”, “Nothing”, “Alright” etc.

Do guys text you if they like you?

We text you first. To be fair, you shouldn’t always expect a guy to text you first, but if he jumpstarts the text convo, it’s a good sign that he likes you. He may even send multiple unanswered texts. This can indicate that he’s really eager to hear back from you and getting a little nervous that you’re not responding.

How do you reply to what’s up text?

Saying “What’s up” back or also saying “hi” would be a little awkward as they’re asking you a question. If you can’t think of anything interesting to reply with (i.e. nothing has happened), you can just say “not much”. You can answer in the way you like to do.

How do you say hi in a text message?

12 cute ways to say hi in a text message.#1 Make use of the emojis. The rosy-cheeked smiley face is my favorite one to use when saying hello because it is literally adorable. … #2 Send a photo. … #3 Videos are also an option. … #4 Use a cute saying. “ … #5 Say hi in another language. … #6 Open up with a joke. … #7 *WAVES*.More items…

How do you respond to what’s up in a flirty way?

Flirty Responses to “How Are You”I feel all the better now that you asked me.Everything is fine with you around.Right now, I’m on my way to paving a path to your heart.I’m single and ready to mingle! … Thank god you finally noticed me! … I have never been so strong. … How is your favorite person doing today?! (Hahaha.More items…•